Mini Set of Hippos
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Baby Hippo Lifesize
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Mother Hippo Lifesize
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As a set designer in television, Stuart's work, of necessity, involves art and design, though the actual making – scenery and props is done by others to his specifications. Sculpture allows him to ‘get his hands dirty’ and actually create that which he has designed.

 Whilst  Stuart was working away from home some years ago the children at his lodgings provided great opportunities for drawing and painting which led to a desire to make 3D images – sculpture!  The exceptional tutors at Richmond Adult College gave him the techniques and confidence to start his sculpture career.

 Stuart's  work is of a naturalistic nature, the human figure and wildlife.  With the human form he uses models he knows (and likes!) and tries to achieve an accurate likeness in face and pose.  With wildlife, though less intimate portraits,  their shape and character have always fascinated him from his childhood days at London Zoo to safaris in South Africa more recently.

 Stuart remarks that 'although the process of making a piece can be stressful, difficult and at times sheer hard work, the result is very rewarding, especially when admired by others'.

 Stuart currently lives in Hampshire.