Scenic Experience III

60cm x 60cm Unframed

£ 795.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )
Viewpoint Harmony

60cm x 60cm Unframed

£ 795.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )
Textural Landscape

76cm x 60cm Unframed

£ 975.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )
Spectrum Visualscape

80cm x 60cm Unframed

£ 995.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )
Fragmented Landscape

60cm x 60cm Unframed

£ 795.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )



Stewart Phillips qualified with a degree in interior design from Nottingham School of Art in 1972. After working on various prestigious projects both at home and abroad he made his name by specialising in the interiors of many renowned and esteemed international projects such as luxury cruise ships, Harrods, 5* hotels, Royal Palaces and lavish private residencies with his own company. With his creative sense of colour and shape he also designed furniture and stained glass features. Preferring to use freehand drawn mediums he felt this was an essential part of his design process. He found this to be very important tool with his clients too when they related to his artistic ability as a presentation form.In recent years Stewart has found it most rewarding to turn his design ability to painting which he now does on a full time basis. With interior spaces in mind, his pieces of art, working predominantly with oil on canvas, have since developed into a unique style.


Having come from a background in interior design and an artistic upbringing I like to merge my unique use of colour, technique and detail with my desire to create pieces of art that are spontaneous and intuitive as well as calming and peaceful.

I use a combination of materials and work predominantly with oil as it gives my paintings vibrancy while matching colours that work in harmony. My paintings are a mix of abstract with detail and by giving them 3 dimensional elements I offer a rich diversity of art work to enhance any interior space. I enjoy the excitement of creating a new challenge, a new experience, exploring a variety of different emotions to complement my work.

I wish my pieces of art to stand independently; my designer instincts always place my work in my eye as part of an enhanced interior, often contemporary.

Intuitively I have painted a series which I describe as a geometric 3-D perspective abstract, which leans on my architectural background of visuals. These were painted in mixed media, with an acrylic base followed by oil and pastel. Here, whatever the angle, my recent work I would call deviring perspective elements which I am familar to combining  vibrant colour mixes and with I wish the viewer to appreciate the essence of light and shade, tones that evolve when viewing these forms interplayed with the depth of perspective, while also wishing to stimulate the viewer’s mind and challenge their senses.