Keep Up!

107cm x 81cm framed size

£ 2750.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 25.00 )

107cm x 81cm framed size

£ 2995.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 25.00 )

Sam Hewitt is a Brighton based artist with International exposure.   He studied visual and performing art at Brighton University and travelled the world, publishing  three albums as a member of the band Clearlake.  He is a founder member of The Fortune Cats Art collective which has produced a developing series of acclaimed indoor and outdoor installations and performances internationally since 2007.

Sam works in oil paint and looks at the human environment, predominantly street scenes,  exploring  the effects of strong light and dark in the life around him. Often with the light source directly behind the subject, Sam's paintings are graphic representations of human figures, the shadows referring to the jungian term for the subconscious self.  Recently the buildings have faded into the background somewhat or disappeared from the visual plane entirely leaving the shapes of the people to tell their stories which sometimes almost fade away in the intense light.

His recent work explores psychological habits and processes (as they move from the unconscious to the conscious awareness) of the artist. His works are pensive and expertly render the play of light.