A Cabinet of Marvels No 214

37cm X 31cm

£ 395.00
(p&p unavailable, collection only)
Wonderful Inventions

39.5cm x 45cm framed size

£ 450.00 ( plus UK p&p £  )

30cm x 35.5cm framed size

£ 325.00
(p&p unavailable, collection only)
Wendy House

12cm x 12cm x 23cm (height)

£ 185.00
(p&p unavailable, collection only)
Alice Through the Looking Glass No 200

26cm x 26cm

£ 795.00
(p&p unavailable, collection only)


‘I’ve always had an obsession with collecting unusual objects; that miniature toy wooden boat to the yellowed annuals, long discarded by their young owners. These once treasured items have now been given a new lease of life through my book carvings and paper sculptures. Each are encased in glass fronted boxes or glass domes, many of which tell a story of their own. My main focuses have been on Nursery Rhymes and fairy tales amongst other classic and well-loved stories. With these paper sculptures and book carvings I’ve developed a unique style using mixed media techniques and a carefully selected colour palette. Each book is carefully deconstructed in readiness for me to explore its possibilities as a work of art. I carefully select found objects alongside objects that I have created using paper structures. This selection is really important as the choices I make influence the final carving and sculpture. sealThe reconstruction of these books, objects and paper is a lengthy process as the juxtaposition of each piece has to work effectively. Following the carving and reconstruction, the sculpted elements with the found objects become part of the book and paper sculpture and the story comes to life’