Summers Eve

61cm x 46cm Unframed

£ 750.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )
Woodland Walks Soft Light

100cm x 100cm

£ 2950.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 30.00 )
NYC in the Rain

122cm x 91cm Unframed

£ 2950.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 30.00 )
Spring Brook Tree Tunnel

92cm x 84cm Unframed

£ 1950.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )




Peter Hill was born in Tonbridge, Kent in 1965 and moved to Sheffield as a child, on the edge of the Peak District. He draws heavily on the extraordinary landscapes that surround his National Park Galleries in Derbyshire and the Lake District. The mountains, rocky edges, serene watersides and ever-changing skies provide an endless supply of subject matter. However, as a seasoned traveller, his sources may just as likely have imposing metropolitan themes of international origins from as far away as the USA or the Far East.

Peter's work continues the long tradition of artists in their creative ambition to capture nature's dramatic forms, gentle reflections and quixotic light. This constant endeavour is also applied to bold cityscapes that feature frequently in his repertoire. Working in oil on canvas he has developed a vibrant, contemporary style that pays homage to past masters such as Turner, and those of the impressionist movement, but uses a pallet of colours that is definitely of the 21st century.

His technique of 'washing' the raw oil paint on the canvas with white spirit gives a surprising light effect and provides the basis for his signature, free-flowing runs of form and colour combination. Spanning the two camps of realism and abstraction, surface texture combines with an energy and fluidity of execution. This spontaneous style of working requires courage, quick reactions and an intuitive response to the movements of the medium. Over the years, Peter's free flowing style has created a loyal following of collectors.


1984Completed Art Course, Psalter Lane, Sheffield
1985 – 1990 Permanent Exhibition Lake District
1990 – 2003 Time out from painting to concentrate on family life & inspirational travel abroad
2004 - Peter Hill opened his first gallery in the Peak District.
2005 - Peter Hill opened his second in Ambleside in the heart of the Lake District.
2008 - Peter Hill opened the Peter Hill Fine Art Gallery & Studio on Ecclesall Road Sheffield
2012 - The three galleries formed Peter Hill Fine Art, Sheffield became the main Gallery which now features an indoor and outdoor studio complete with Andalucian Courtyard.