Silver Light, Winchelsea
£ 350.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 15.00 )
Waters Edge
£ 550.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 15.00 )
Morning Light
£ 350.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 10.00 )
Dawn Light
£ 550.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 15.00 )
Downland View
£ 550.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 15.00 )
Break in the Clouds
£ 550.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )




Melanie Cambridge has  been painting full time for over 30 years and still gets a “buzz” when outside in changing light.  The challenge of trying to capture the essence of the scene in front of her, be that with initial sketches or quick oil studies has always provided the starting point for her work.

This year, Melanie has been developing new ideas in my studio, moving towards a semi-abstract interpretation of the landscape.  Including colours such as Prussian Blue and Turquoise in her palette and painting big skies over expansive landscapes or coastlines. These new works are giving her a renewed passion for painting. I hope you find them an exciting and interesting interpretation of the ever-changing English Landscape.