50cm x 50cm Unframed

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120cm x 100cm Unframed

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Birch Trees I

60cm x 40cm Unframed

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Lynne’s powerfully expressive contemporary seascapes draw their inspiration from the natural world, specifically the vastness of the oceans and skies, the forces of nature, and the effects of light on all of these elements.

Over a 30 year career Lynne has become one of Britain’s most respected land and seascape painters, and her subtle shades and distinctive textures have led to a highly recognisable style which has won her both critical and popular acclaim. Her oil paintings have been exhibited all over the country in galleries and exhibitions including a one-woman show at The Barbican, The Festival Hall and The West of England Art Academy. Winner of the Civic Award for Services to the Arts, she has also come to the notice of many collectors around the world including Olympic swimmer and TV presenter Sharron Davies, and her work has been shown in Selfridges and Liberty’s.

Her journey has been a voyage of artistic discovery. Visiting the Maldives inspired a series of exotic seascapes, and the Balaeric and Greek Islands also provided some extraordinary sunlit images, while in stark contrast, a visit to Oslo offered an atmospheric skyline heavy with mist and diffused light. At present she is absorbed with scenes that tend towards the minimal, but finds herself leaning towards a more abstract style on occasion; she enjoys expressing herself with what she describes as “less detail and greater impact.”

“All those elements of nature which have so inspired me in the past, seem to magically appear from the mix of colour and texture and I lose myself in landscapes which may be deep in my subconscious.”