Flying with a basket in tow

25cm x 25cm framed size

£ 150.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 7.50 )



Lucy Dorothy Nichols is a British contemporary paper and textile artist, working
from her home studio in North Hampshire. With a degree in Mechanical
Engineering from Imperial College, London and a background in IT management,
Lucy’s creative practice has had an unconventional start. However, in 2013, she
returned to university and studied an Art Foundation at the University for the
Creative Arts in Farnham. A wonderful opportunity to explore new techniques
and build upon years of self-guided making with some formal tuition. It was
during this time that Lucy discovered a love of working with paper.
Drawing upon the work of children’s authors and illustrators, such as Roald Dahl
and Lauren Child, Lucy creates her paper sculptures by delving into her treasure
trove of old papers and books, maps and even the odd chocolate bar
wrapper. Her imaginative artwork often focuses on trying to make the impossible
possible, from shops selling weather by the jar, to hotels for weary birds and
marvellous machines that make rainbows. All carefully made using a variety of
techniques and filled with lots of tiny details.