Karen Welsh was born 1962 in Surrey. She trained as a sign painter and commercial artist.

Her father being an artist made painting very much a part of her life. After 31 years producing bespoke signs and images in the traditional way, she decided it was time to move to the West Country and paint full time. Cornwall was the plan, but Wiltshire caught her heart.

Wiltshire with its open chalk hills and wide valleys covered with hardy grasslands provides the unique landscape that inspires Karen to put her ideas down onto canvas. The occasional tree dotted on the horizon accentuates the clean line between the earth and the sky. The feeling of pure joy and freedom and of being on top of the world is portrayed in her work.

Acrylic paint is her chosen medium usually with a limited palette to keep her paintings fresh. Her mark making with large flat brushes gives a painterly and loose feel.

Karen has been on a journey to abstraction. Her paintings have developed from figurative through to semi abstract and total abstraction. Using gestural marking, layering and the removal of paint, adding texture and loaded brush marks give her paintings a tactile quality