River Wey Walk

36cm x 36cm Framed

£ 495.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 10.00 )
Moored Boats at Farncombe Boathouse

48cm x 39cm framed size

£ 425.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 10.00 )
Winkworth Aboretum

52cm x 41.5cm framed size

£ 495.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 15.00 )
River Meadows at Bowers Lock

48cm x 41cm framed size

£ 445.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 10.00 )
Eashing Bridge

49cm x 39cm Framed

£ 445.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 10.00 )



Jennifer loves to paint architecture and finds that the busy streets of London provide her with inspiration for countless paintings. As well as urban landscapes, Jennifer enjoys painting mainly rural landscapes and portraits. 

'People are extraordinary and endlessly fascinating. The natural world that we live in is stunningly beautiful and constantly changing. My response to this is an indefatigable desire to paint what I find along the way, the way I see it…' 

‘I like to work directly from the landscape as much as possible, aiming to capture a feeling of the place as well as a recognisable representation. I love it when my paintings evoke memories for people of places of particular value to them.  

I have drawn and painted from a young age, but undertook formal training at The Art Academy in London between 2010 and 2012. My tutors inspired in me a love of painting directly from life, whether that be from a still-life set-up, a model or the landscape. I love the challenges that painting outside presents through all seasons and weather conditions.  

I love to explore and journey, and over the last few years I have undertaken several longer painting journeys, including - 'The River Thames from Source to Estuary', 'The Jurassic Coastline from Exmouth to Studland Bay', and 'The Pilgrims Way from London to Canterbury'. These trips provided me with a way of combining my passion for painting with a love of observational writing.  

I am currently based in Surrey, where I find the diversity of town and country quite captivating.