St Ives Promise (L)

100cm x 100cm unframed

Still Waters (L)

100cm x 100cm unframed

Drinking Sky (L)

100cm x 100cm unframed


120cm x 100cm unframed

Before Us (M)

75cm x 75cm unframed

Beyond the Edge (M)

75cm x 75cm unframed



Hettie lives and works in West Sussex, United Kingdom. A self-taught artist, she displays a special technical ability in her studio.

She is recognized as one of the masters of marine and landscape expressionism. The artist draws her inspiration from the environment that surrounds her. She is fascinated by the power of the sea, and by the transformations of the sky.

She uses acrylic paint to depict the magnificence of the landscapes. A feeling of sublimity in the Kantian sense are depicted in her canvases.

The artist exhibits her work in different cities of the world: Cornwall, London, Sussex.... her pieces are part of private collections all around the world. Her work has been published in numerous prestigious magazines.