Piccadilly Circus

97cm 66cm in White Tray Frame

£ 2500.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 40.00 )



Gill Storr is a London born and based contemporary artist. Following an accomplished career in the graphic design industry, Gill has blended her artistry with her knowledge of design, drawing on previous creative inspirations to add zest and variation to the art pieces she creates. After diligently refining her style over a number of years, she now focuses purely on art and is an emerging artist with work in private collections in the UK and US. Gill has had a standout couple of years, establishing herself as a one to watch within the contemporary art scene, with much more to come in the near future.

Gill’s evolution into the art world came about from her desire to add an element of tactility to her work and experience blended into one. Gill coins the phrase ‘deconstructed lens’ to describe her work, creating one-off contemporary pieces that incorporate multiple layers with the traditional medium of paints, oils and gels combined with photographic elements on the canvas, board and paper. Gill’s work serves as a juxtaposition of traditional photography, taking an image that can be stored, re-purposed and viewed from a range of perspectives and creating an original piece that forces the viewer to see the scene purely from the artists’ point of view. Adding physical texture and intense brush strokes, Gill draws the viewer to the key focal points of the piece resulting in a shared viewing experience.