Blue Note II
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Blue Note I
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Debra was born in Guildford and has travelled far and wide, having a variety of really diverse jobs. Her first creative attempt, at the age of two and a half, was to peel off the nursery freeze that her mother had applied to the wall minutes earlier. 

Debra has always had a creative mind and as a child she used to send her inventions to various toy manufacturers. One of her designs was for an all enclosed sledge encapsulated in a sort of gyroscopic pod so that you stayed in a stable position as you hurtled down a snowy hill. 

The company 'Triang' liked her design and sent her a kind and heartening letter and a doll's cot! 
Creativity was very much encouraged at her first school in Guildford. Music, art and drama were a daily activity. It was later, at the age of fourteen, that she was inspired by Guildford School Of Art and their photography course. She took armfuls'' of information home from the careers fair and enthusiastically told her parents. Her father said ''No way''! So she lost heart and left school. Much later she took herself to college to sit her exams and went on to read Psychology at Sussex University. 

She then left Sussex to study Philosophy in London. 
She draws most of her inspiration from the coasts around the South West, she has been very much inspired by places further afield such as the Seychelles, California and South Africa. She likes to paint in peace and to focus, and for that needs quietness.


Debra works in both watercolour and oil - each is very different and which medium she uses depends on her mood, but it is the sea which draws her back each time.