Sun Worshipper

40cm x 43cm x 30cm

£ 550.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 30.00 )
Wood Nymph

40cm x 28cm x 13cm

£ 550.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 25.00 )
Curled up Cat

30cm x 26cm x 13cm

£ 350.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 30.00 )



I am a figurative sculptor working predominantly in clay, but also directly into plaster and wax.  I cast my own work into bronze resin, iron resin, ceramic and stone.
"A sculptor’s materials are the vehicle for your language and a means of communication.  Be it, glass, bricks, steel, etc.  What is it you wish to communicate? The reason I continue to work in plastic materials such as clay, wax, and setting plaster is because of its organic qualities, the language and emotion that I want to communicate is that of human body language.  There may be slight culturally learnt differences in the universal understanding of body language, but essentially every human being on the planet that has ever lived and will ever live, will understand a frown or a smile.  But it is not just our facial expressions that speak volumes, every gesture, movement stance speaks to us.  We are hard wired to interpret gestures, movements and expressions in terms of emotional communication.  In producing a portrait, I am not just interested in rendering a likeness of that person but conveying emotion through that vehicle.  Minute nuances, the angle of the eyes, the lips the angle of the neck, these are all infinite and I must feel the emotion myself whilst sculpting to have some confidence that the viewer of the final piece will experience the same emotion. I have not found any other medium that allows me to experiment with the human emotional responses.  This is also true, but to a lesser extent when I am sculpting animals."
I am classically trained, having studied at Camberwell School of Arts, London.