Double Bill Take III

64cm x 54cm framed size

£ 950.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 25.00 )
Beaky Blinders

75cm x 65cm framed size

£ 295.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 30.00 )
Mr Brown

63.5cm x 74cm framed size

£ 1100.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 25.00 )
Royal Sausage

78cm x 58cm in ornate dark frame

£ 375.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )

46cm x 64cm In Ornate Gold Frame

£ 270.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 20.00 )
Fair Game, Jack of Diamonds

50cm x 70cm unframed size

£ 295.00 ( plus UK p&p £ 10.00 )



Charlotte Gerrard has been a practicing visual artist since 1994, and been working professionally since 1999. She is currently a member of the Barbican Arts Group Trust and has a studio in Blackhorse Lane, London E17

"Prior to this I was the artist-in-residence for a London Community Association for 10 years where I have worked on several public art projects liaising with both councils and the local community. In recent years I have moved more into the educational sphere, working in schools and galleries as an artist educator, specialising in teaching environmental awareness and the fragility of our planet through creative art projects whilst focusing on high quality artistic processes and outcomes.

My personal work has always been based around the natural world, embodying the complexities and detail found throughout animal kingdom. I explore the diversity of my subjects through vibrant and impressive, animated images. I work energetically employing sweeping strokes of thick paint to produce exciting images, which have been described as 'bursting with vitality'.

Although I turn my hand to many animals, it is the docility and warm nature of cows that my palette knife has favored over time, as I focus on capturing the individuality, charm and serenity of these gentle and earthy creatures. My paintings endeavor to portray the worthiness of these animals and depict their details with depth, sensitivity and humour. By producing life-like, animated images I am attempting to give these passive creatures a voice and a place in a society where they are all too often disregarded.

Often bold and whimsical, yet still retaining an air of sensitivity and charm, the art warms the heart and celebrates the diverse nature of our species. I endeavor to convey a feeling more than capture a scene. Instead of being just an illustration, a piece of art should be able to strike a chord among its audience.

I have been selling paintings and prints at trade fairs and galleries regularly since 2002. Since 2007 I have taken a stand at Spitalfields Art Market situated in London's thriving commercial epicentre. This high profile location has become a regular haunt for art buyers, both local and international, looking to snap up a piece from a range of established and emerging artists."