Born in 1959 Anne is an artist living  and working in Scotland. She  began painting in her forties after studying at Leith School of Art.


I paint in a free and loose style responding to the Scottish landscape, weather and seasons.

Colour is very important to me. I think colour can change moods and I can spend a long time getting the colour I am happy with.  I paint in acrylic, building up layers and scraping back to revealing the colours beneath. I often work “en plein air” and in all weathers. I work quite quickly, sometimes “wet-on-wet” and respond instinctively to what emerges on the canvas.  I like to experiment with different techniques and tools.

Some paintings seem to emerge quite suddenly and unexpectedly and some take a long time to feel “right”.  Some never feel right. If I am not happy with any part of the painting, even if it is a small detail, I usually end up changing the whole thing. I turn the canvas upside down and start again. I prefer to work on larger canvases.

I have recently been collaborating with a poet and selected canvases have poems on the back.