Alyson was born in Modbury, South Devon and spent her childhood in the idyllic surroundings of Devon and Cornwall.  From a very early age she was obsessed with drawing and crafts, captivated by animals, beaches and nature.   Travelling into different cultures has a big influence on her work, she has a deep love for Asia, with India in particular, she loved the chaos, colour, shapes, textures and smells; a complete assault of the senses. 


Alyson emerges herself fully in to her work, her art helps her get through the harsh days life can throw at you, on the flip side, other days she can mediate and fully channel herself in to her paintings with a big smile on her face singing and dancing whilst painting…… ‘My art is my life.  I draw my inspirations from my vivid imagination juxtaposed with the natural world that surrounds me.’ 


Alyson uses a mixture of mixed media including metallic paints to help to create a bit of drama and movement, changing with the natural light of the day.

Alyson has recently just fulfilled one of her big dreams; launching a new homeware label ALLY HOWARD.